1. CHOOSING A FILM: With thousands of films in the hydrographic business, we know how hard it can be to decide on the film for you. That is why we try to keep a large variety of patterns in stock. If we do not have the film you are looking for, we can get it rather quickly even if you do not see it on our site.
  2. PREPARATION: Once you have chosen that perfect film, your item or items will be cleaned, to remove any harmful oils and dirt that would be detrimental to the process. Your item will be sanded and prepped for an automotive primer. After completing the primer stage, the item will have a high quality base coat applied. (Note: Some manufacturers recommend specific base colors for their film patterns.) Base colors will be discussed when the film is chosen.
  3. FILM PREPARATION: ​​During this phase the film is placed on the dipping surface, where it will hydrate for 60-90 seconds. Activator is then sprayed over the film, causing the ink to convert from a solid back to a liquid.
  4. FILM TRANSFER: ​​​Items are then submerged into the water, through the liquefied film. The elasticity of the film and the pressure from the water allows for a smooth, virtually seamless transfer of the film pattern onto the item. (Some patterns hide the seam better than others.) If able, we place the seam where it is less noticeable.
  5. RINSE: ​​Items are then rinsed to remove the excess PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol Film) and to ensure proper adhesion.
  6. QUALITY CONTROL: At this point in the process, the item has dried, and is inspected to ensure that the item is ready for the clear coat. Items that have minor imperfections can be touched up. If we are not 100% pleased with the final product we will repeat the entire process.
  7. CLEAR COATING: ​​Finally the item is coated with a high quality automotive clear coat, two coats are applied to ensure that the item is cured. The customer will have the option of a flat, satin, or a high gloss clear coat. While the item can be returned to the customer within 2-3 days of this final step, we recommend that the customer allow 30 days for the item to cure prior to resuming use.

**Carolina Custom Hydrographix has the ability to provide vinyl graphics to add personalization to your item through their sister company If Walls Could Talk. **